XYZ Spaceframe

As a challeng to myself to prove that I could build things still with my hands, I started this project on my living room table. Drilling away in aluminium tubing after carefully measuring out positions. This bike build is a not an ordinary one. Based on an open source design by the wonderful design studio N55 & Till Wolfer; XYZ Cargo Not knowing what undertaking it would be to puzzle it all together.

With the frame put in place, the ordeal of finding the right bike parts started. With that also came modifications that spurred from the original building plan. A custom laser cut seat, bottom bracket mount, in-body lightning, a chain derrailleur modified to guide the chain through the frame and many other small and big changes that I have given back publicly to the open source community.

Work Addendum

Wanna test ride it? Let me know and I will show up. Got one riding around in Amsterdam? Let's meet up! Want to build one and have questions? I'll take em and work with you to build it. Below are the three parts I wrote about the proces of building mine in more detail.