S7 Imagination Machine

Flying a plane with your thoughts. At Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam, I helped creating an interactive experience for S7 Airlines, a russian airline company. By building a proof of concept with a EEG headset to control a box, we were able to sell this creative idea to the client and take early steps in prototyping the experience. Tellart created the final installation that was installed in a busy russian mall in Moscow, that helped get a 20% sales increase in online bookings.

S7 Imagination Machine - Image 1
S7 Imagination Machine - Image 2

The game was set with a favorite destination of the player, their aim to focus as much attention on that specific location without getting distracted. Distraction was the key here, as that would deviate the plane from the original course towards their prize; a ticket to their dream destination.

S7 Imagination Machine - Image 3
S7 Imagination Machine - Image 4