NS - Tech Tracks

If you’ve ever used public transit by train; you have experienced our that our railway network can be fantastic. However, the Dutch National railways was on the lookout for new talent, specifically in IT, to help create a better experience for everyone. At code d’azur we’ve build a set of arcade cabinets that sported their own unique game, aimed at programmers and nerds alike that are not held back by a challenge.

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The cabinets were made with reusable materials from trains; think emergency brake, door open/close buttons and such even a trip planner was integrated into the facing of the cabinet itself. Hidden buttons allowed you to cheat if you were able to discover them and the mini games made by Wanted5 Games were even playable on mobile. Custom laser cut letters were lit with LED’s and everything was set up to be managed remotely.

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For the promo video we build another cabinet that was made specifically to be put together by the employees, so that they could experience it themselves. It ended up being featured in press multiple times and got a few awards with that process. All in; a lot of new IT talent ended up on the NS’s radar and lot’s of conversations were had next to the cabinet itself.

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Agency: code d’azur

Game Dev: wanted5games

Role: Technologist / Maker

Awards: - 2 Lovie Awards, Advertising: Best Branded Game - Nomination Spin Awards - Winner SAN Accent 2022: Corporate