Noha Saré - Into your head

Ikbenkees was asked by Noha Saré to help out creating unique props for a videoclip. A chess set in which every figure would contain different emotions being shown on the respective face. With 3D scanning being one of the technologies we set out to craft a full set with the details needed for close ups in her video clip.

Close up shot of chess piece
Close up shot of chess set being used

After 3D scanning the face with all the emotions, we used Photogrammetry to create the solid 3D model required for 3D printing. Printing was done not in SLA but in FDM due to the speed required for delivery and the ability to post-process the pieces. Each piece was printed separately, treated with primer, sanded where needed and sprayed again to give it a non 3D printed look for the film.

Noha Saré sitting at the chess set
Close up shot of chess set being used


Designed for: Noha Saré

Directed by: Izak Berman

Photography: Kick van Doorn

Role: Technologist / 3D Modeler / Maker