NFC Implant

On the third of November 2015 I took a jump on something not alot of other people had the opportunity to do. I decided to get an NFC implant that day with around 20 others. We lined up and got it done by a professional. Don't do this at home.

Many people ask about 2 different things when they hear about it:

I would not recommend putting any personal information on there that can link your bank account, public transport to you this way. Currently the standard is being defined further and payment providers require more strict encryption, which the current version of the chip does not have.

Implant process
This was done using a really fat, prepared, sterilized needle. You can buy them yourself today. Newer chips are slowly being developed, thus more space, better range and more encryption are on the way.

Work Addendum

You can feel it sitting under your skin. It's some sort of magic when you touch a phone it automatically loads up your page or calls your phone number. That commodity is something rarely used. At my old work I've set it up in such a way that it would allow me to open up the front door.