Intimate Implant

Imagine living closely with an implant in your body for a year. How would that relationship be shaped, or reflect on it. That’s exactly what Symbiose Studio set out to do. Answer ethical questions about how we utilise technology within our bodies.

Ikbenkees helped Symbiose Studio design the three objects, as an artist impression from actual implants derived from Inkplant. Each implant was meticulously designed with a combination of sculpting tools, algorithms (L System) for growth. From Fusion360 (parametric) to Blender that allowed me to make these unique objects also printable.

They were then printed with a Stratasys Polyjet printer, allowing for a combination of not only color, but also transparency and flexibility (shore value). Making these objects one of a kind.

Intimate Implant at Betweter Festival by Ivar Pel
Intimate Implant at Betweter Festival by Ivar Pel
All three different implants and their respective press shots by Jasper Zijlstra.

After printing, the objects recieved an insert with custom electronics that allowed them to be interacted with by the user. This involved both light and sound through a combination of headphone jack/speaker depending on the style of the exhibit/noise level.

The custom electronics and programming were done by my brother Joost.

The three objects were at Betweter Festival and the Dutch Design Week where they were exhibited. Read more about the research & motivation behind this project.


Designed for: Symbiose Studio / Bertrand Burgers

Role: Technologist / 3D Modeler

Photography @ Betweter Festival: Ivar Pel

Photography: Jasper Zijlstra