Philips Brushbutton

At Achtung, together with Google & Philips, we worked on a researched project to get more people into the proper habit of brushing 2 minutes a day. The importance is often forgotten, or priorities lay elsewhere. Especially if you have a busy life it's harder to find that moment.

The Brushbutton was created as a prototype for people to test if feeding them with 2 minutes of audible content when they are brushing in the bath room would help them do it more frequently. That way it would feel less as 'lost' time.

The device could simply be attached to the mirror in a bathroom. Setup would be done through an app. You could it up to treat you only music, but also information such as traffic alerts, weather, news and stock prices. The device would then automatically generate 2 minutes of content a day to be served to you on the touch of a button.

Work Addendum

Check out the film we made about the development of the prototype below.