I booked myself a trip to London as it was a city I've never visited when I grew up. I know a lot of people that have moved to and from there, but never got around to actually heading out there and seeing what this place is all about. Having some expectations from films and documentaries, I was keen on giving it a try and see what it really was like.

I partnered up with a Dutch friend of mine to eat some Swedish meatballs on the first day for lunch, only to meet Swedish friends thereafter. That's what I loved about this quick trip. Everything took care of itself.

I stayed at friends that had space left to spare, and was treated like a real guest. The people in London are generally nice I have to say. If you love pastries, I can highly recommend Nordic Bakery to be one of the places to visit.

Travel Addendum

Look, my list of travel tips in London is obviously lacking a few essentials, but for the three days I was there, with a barely working phone I had to narrow it down a little. I'm making it up with the photos ok? This trip was great!