Elin and me traveled to Iceland in September 2015. This is the film that is a direct result, next to an amazing set of photos, map full of scribbles and the most amazing memories. We had surprisingly good weather during the 10 day long trip, of which 8 we spend driving along the south to east coast. There's a lot of highlights and landmarks in there.

To keep memories safe, we logged our diary every day, keeping souvenirs, tickets, stamps and camping cards in a little notebook. Which after the journey was combined with a photobook.

We bought a map from Iceland to not rely on phones and get clear guidance on which road was safe to take with a 2 wheel drive. If you plan on going to Iceland, I can highly recommend Alex Cornell's travel guide.

Travel Addendum

Iceland is a wonderful country to discover. The landscape and weather changes around every corner, so you'll have to be weary about sudden changes. Prepare for the worst, enjoy the best.

Here is my FourSquare list with great places to visit when you are there. Feel free to reach out if you would like to get your hands the photobook & journal.