XYZ Spaceframe

Ever wondered how the world would look if we never invented a car? Or maybe bikes never existed? At the time I was working a fulltime job behind a screen I wanted to make something with my hands. N55 a design studio based in Copenhagen open sourced a design for a three wheel bike at the time and me not knowing anything about fabrication wanted to see if I could do this with simple tools.

XYZ Spaceframe - Image 1
XYZ Spaceframe - Image 2
XYZ Spaceframe - Image 3

I set out by ordering aluminium bars by size so that would save me most of my work. After drilling countless holes and bolting it together the frame finally stood together. Little did I know that the hard part was still to come; bike parts. They had to be modded, fitted awkwardly or just simply ordering the wrong one after the wrong one, that part just took the longest.

XYZ Spaceframe - Image 4
XYZ Spaceframe - Image 5
XYZ Spaceframe - Image 6

Custom hubs, lacing my own wheels, everything was an experience. It’s detailed more in These Medium Articles that I wrote. I’ve also added parts and models to customize your own bike even more.