NFC Implant

An experiment in technology that obviously will not be for everyone. I’ve been quoted as the one that now carries the devil inside. Ah well. I see it as an idea into sparking conversation about the benefits, doubts and downsides of embedding technology into our lives.

NFC Implant - Image 1
NFC Implant - Image 2

I’ve had a NFC implant in my left wrist, near my thumb for years. Once I got it, I was very keen on trying all sorts of things. Hacking away at access gates, crashing them on occasion. Making Google Maps directions straight from my wrist, play my favorite song by just tapping my phone on my wrist or smart schedule a meeting by just doing the same. The possibilities on this are endless.

NFC Implant - Image 3

I’ve been talking alot about how to add context to this in all sorts of scenario’s. I gave talks on how to and how not (as payment for exmample) to use this technology that by now has aged quite a bit. Funny thing is; that no one realises that this technology has been around for decades and will be even more popular in times to come. We’re slowly doing more things wireless and this is one of the many things still quite invisible and magic for most.

NFC Implant - Image 4
NFC Implant - Image 5

And a disclaimer; this is not a DIY project unless you want to endanger your own health. Mine was set with a specialist with care. If you would like to explore the world of biohacking and embedding chips I would recommend Dangerous Things as a place to start.