Casio Mod Club

Those things on your wrist? Watches, yeah, I’ve not been a fan of them since ages. After seeing other people modify their watches to their liking I took a gamble in a new market; one of modifying the most cheap, most faked, but reliable watch out there; The Casio F91-W. I wanted to see how I might be able to run a small shop and site for sales.

CasioModClub - Image 2

For some time I’ve marketed and sold over 40 modded watches to customers and orders keep trickling in. I consider this a succesful experiment and I’m looking into doing a custom PCB for the watch or maybe making a custom enclosure with more features.

CasioModClub - Image 3
CasioModClub - Image 4

Currently this experiment is in a new R&D phase in which I’m exploring on offering a consistant product and offer the same reliability as the watch itself with added benefits such as NFC, SD card holders, custom LED and watch faces.

Check out the site here.

CasioModClub - Image 5
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