Ikbenkees is a design and technology studio working on the fringes of those two areas. Plenty of jaywalking, wishful thinking, good luck and learning by doing have helped me to get to where I am today.

I’m part maker, designer, tinkerer, inventer of things and machines that make people, brands and campaigns achieve goals. I started as a motion designer by trade, but quickly realized that my potential was in bridging the world between ideas and technology. Communicating between creatives, programmers, production houses and the lot with understanding and knowledge gained throughout years of experience in the creative industry.

Next to this portfolio of work I’ve also collected a few experiments to of my personal interest.

To get a good idea of what i’m doing, take a look at my work, dive into my experiments or check my twitter account. I’m involved with many things at the same time and I’ve cherry picked some for a small list down below;

  • I’ve been delivering talks & courses for Decoded for more then 3 years for a plethora of clients.
  • My brother and me have been curating a newsletter with links from dusty corners of the internet.
  • With friends we brew beer, with over 10000L total volume.
  • I converted a Landrover Defender in my perfect overlanding rig.
  • This site is an open source theme I wrote for Hugo hosted on Github, also available in a previous version for Tumblr Themes (To be released soon).

Curious what I’m all about and into at this very moment? Or do you have an idea you want to chat about? Just give me a call or send me a mail for a coffee.